What kind of energy does our ministry provide?

An encouraging environment that allows people to realize their true potential Mind, Body and Soul. Also, to establish a spirit of tranquility and serenity in their journey through life.

What kind of subjects are taught?

Adult Ministry, Purpose Finding, Life Essential, Spiritual Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Reiki Masters, Health and Wellness, Healthy Relationship, Maximize the moment of God’s Action plan for your life, Stress Management, Anger Management and The Art of Forgiveness.

What do we teach?

We are determined to provide people with the necessary principles for Spiritual Growth by teaching them how to study and effectively apply the principles of divine consciousness to their lives. We also promote wellness and mindfulness toward a peaceful journey through Life, by creative learning, spiritual advisement, and life coaching techniques.

What are we about?

Divine And Anointed Portal is a vibrant ministry that impacts people of all ages, socioeconomic classes, and ethnic backgrounds. Divine And Anointed Portal has developed a Breathtaking concept that describes the standard of excellence: a standard that is apparent in our commitment not only to ministry but to our community by providing vital online resources. Our overall goal is to assist and guide people into a life of self-control and self-discipline that will lead to maintaining a better quality of life.

Our Team

Dr. Charles E. Moore
Dr. Charles E. Moore
Founder and President

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