Dr. Charles E. Moore

Rev Charles E. Moore is the Founder and President for DAP (Divine and Anointed Portal). He is currently a Metaphysical Practitioner and pursuing a Doctorate of Metaphysical Psychology, Mpsy.D. Charles has a firm grasp on leadership that has been crafted with over 25 years of leadership in the United States Army as Military Policeman and Cadre Army Recruiter. As a leader dedicated to placing people first, Charles created Divine And Anointed Portal as a vibrant ministry that impacts people of all ages, socioeconomic classes, and ethnic backgrounds. Divine And Anointed Portal’s goal is to instill in people the importance of self-discipline that will lead to maintaining a better quality of life. Rev Moore is a man that takes everyday as it comes to him waiting on God to fulfill his destiny. During his years of service, Charles has traveled all over the world and gained a wealth of knowledge in interacting with people and problem solving. Rev Charles holds a (MSHIP) in Performance Improvement from Grantham University at Lenexa, KS, (M.MSC) Metaphysical Science from University of Metaphysics & University of Sedona, (B.MSC) Metaphysical Science from University of Metaphysics & University of Sedona, and a Practitioner Diploma in Metaphysics from University of Metaphysics & University of Sedona, Minister Certification from University of Metaphysic & University of Sedona. As a progressive and spiritual man of faith, Rev Charles Moore has a unique way of reaching people who are seeking to make peace with their past, maximize their present, and deepen their relationship with self. As the President for Divine and Anointed Portal he plans to lead the ministry with vision and purpose firmly rooted in the word of God and Divine Universal Consciousness.

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